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Schiffer Publishing

Words in Action

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Generating alternatives is the basis of all creative endeavors. Words in Action is an inventive resource that was developed over decades one word at a time. Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar's 1962 booklet Watching Words Move, a classic of typography that changed how designers think about the power of words, inspired these 366 graphic images.
Ingenious typography shows words defining themselves in striking graphic images
Cool, chunky book with eye-catching design — great gift for anyone who loves words
A fun, giftable, eye-catching book for all ages—great conversation starter, creativity prompt, and browsable time-passer!
Whether you’re a graphic artist stuck on a visual problem, an author with a case of writer’s block, a teacher looking for a fresh take on helping your students learn, or anyone whose creativity needs a jump start—this book is for you. Anytime you’re stuck, just flip through this inventory of inspired ideas and fun surprises.

Michael Pause | 384pp | HC