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Velvet on My Mind, Velvet on My Loom: Velvet Weaving Past

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Velvet on My Mind, Velvet on My Loom: Velvet Weaving Past & Present. For over one thousand years, velvet textiles were woven by hand with great ingenuity and artistry. This book recounts a transcontinental story of their development into one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and economically important products of the medieval and renaissance periods. Velvet expert landry offers a consistent theory of the origin and spread of this weaving technique and the technological innovations that accompanied it. She draws from her lengthy personal expertise as a practicing weaver and scholar, examining, analyzing, and engaging in the techniques and technologies in order to excavate the intrinsic ideas and knowledge embedded in the craft of velvet weaving. The instructions feature techniques and equipment accessible to ordinary hand weavers and introduce ways to attain complex results without complex equipment. 250 color images. Hardback. 280 pages. Author: Landry, Wendy - Mackie, Louise.