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Schiffer Publishing

Universal Stitches for Weaving, Embroidery, and Other Fiber

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Universal stitches for weaving, embroidery, and other fiber arts is a text for beginning or advanced fiber artists that teaches how five basic stitches, plus 195 of their variations and combinations, work upon warp and fabric in functional and decorative ways. Part one identifies these five universal stitches and provides detailed diagrams and learning projects for mastering each. Part two presents inspirational weaving, embroidery, and needlelace pieces for adventurous fiber artists who dare to mix techniques, and presents ideas for combined stitch techniques, driven by ancient fabrics from egypt, china, and peru. Part three focuses on how the five universal stitches can be applied to master interlacing, wrapping, looping, chaining, and knotting stitches with ease. Master fiber artist nancy Arthur Hoskins introduces an integrated method of learning stitches with a unique, visual diagramming system that greatly simplifies the process of learning all 200 stitches.
128 pp.