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Beam Paints

Super 8

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A punchy palette of 8 super mixable colours! 1/2 inch pans of our saturated colour poured into a reclaimed white birch block hand finished with buttery warm beeswax! yes please! Super 8!
Wiigwaasminun-Cherry Magenta- PR122
Neebin Giizis-Summer Sun Red-PR170
Dwaagi Aadzibuk-Fall Poplar Yellow-PY74
Piitchi Waawnun-Robins Egg-PW6, PG7 
Gchi Gaaming-Great Ocean-PB29
Geygah Naakshek-Almost Night-PB15.1
Mnokmi Waaskonense-Lavender (lilac)-PW6, PV23 
Zhaawaa Zhoonia’aande-Gold (powder bronze)