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Silk Art Embroidery: A Woman's History Of Ornament

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Learn the fascinating history of a distinct style of needlework fashionable in Victorian America from approximately 1877 to 1912. Read how it began, learn the techniques used to create it, and gain detailed information to identify it. This is the compelling story of one woman's ingenuity and steadfast belief that she could make a difference in the lives of women with serious economic needs -- the fundamental need for sustenance. Candace Wheeler conceived the idea and saw it succeed beyond her wildest expectations. Embroidering these strikingly beautiful and lifelike silk floral designs became an innovative opportunity for women to earn their own living. Featured is an extraordinary collection of antique linens embroidered with incredible skill and shown in 383 images, including embroidery books, magazines, and other period items that help explain the story. Pages: 160 260 color & 133 b/w photos Cardwell, Donna.