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Rosemary & Co

Rosemary & Co. SERIES 95. Pure Red Sable Fan

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These are ideal for Watercolors and Oils (the latter usually preferred on the long handles). The natural characteristics of the Red Sable hair offer a good "belly, " allowing a liquid holding capacity greater than the Golden Synthetic.

This hair has a beautiful spring and, upon retouching the paper, will flow and release water, similar to a fountain pen. The Red Sables are an excellent choice for Oils if one can afford them and where a softness with a delicate spring is required.

Fan brushes use a special ferrule that spreads the hairs to form a fan shape. They are typically used for special effects such as grasses, fur, and often for blending.

A favorite for blending and knocking back edges in Oils. Watercolorists love them for tree arches, flicking up grasses, and unique marks.

A good tip: for winter trees, use the brush dry. For summer trees, load the brush with water and pigment.

For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.