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Modern Legacy Paper Company

Sealing Wax Glue Gun

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Product features:
* Standard 1/2-in size glue gun
* Two heat settings 60 watt and 100 watt
* Efficient way to create a bulk amount of wax seals

How to Use Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks to Create a Wax Seal:
1. Gather supplies needed: wax seal stamp, wax glue gun, glue gun sealing wax sticks
2. Insert glue gun sealing wax stick into wax glue gun
3. Allow glue gun to heat wax* (approximately 3 minutes)
4. Dispense a nickle size amount of wax on project surface
5. Press wax seal stamp into hot melted wax, allow wax to cool** (approx. 15 seconds)
6. Remove wax seal stamp to reveal final design

*recommended heat setting is 60 Watt or lowest heat setting available on glue gun
**if wax seal stamp sticks to wax, let cool for longer to allow wax to completely set

Each wax glue gun comes individually packaged in retail packaging.