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Sculpd DIY Make Your Own Candle Craft Kit

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This candle making kit provides you with everything you need to make your own unique candle! The Step-by-Step Candle Making Guide will walk you through the stages of making your candle and also provides some inspiration to help spark your imagination. What you make is really up to you. It's your own creative expression through clay.

What's in the Kit?

Everything you need to make one beautiful scented candle!

- 600g Premium British Air-Dry Clay
- 200g Eco Non-Toxic Soy Wax
- 10ml Fragrance Oil
- 50ml Glossy Candle Varnish
- 1 Ultra Fine Bristle Coverage Paintbrush
- 1 Wick (eco-lead free), Mixing Stick and Wick Centring Tool
- Sculpd branded Matches
- Step-by-Step Illustrated Candle Making Guide