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Schiffer Publishing

Modern Splicing: Shown Step by Step

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For marine, boating, and climbing amateurs and professionals at all levels, splices—the strongest way of attaching or joining the end of a rope—are essential. In this much-anticipated handbook, world-renowned expert Friedl guides you through modern splicing techniques with his trademark clear directions, one-of-a-kind color diagrams, and 200+ color photos. The book is supplemented by four-plus hours of excellent video instruction. Throughout, every type of splice is shown by an expert climber and shipbuilder. Learn what to know before starting to splice, then build a solid understanding and competence of modern cordage, its construction, and its fiber materials. Friedl has over 35 years of sailing experience, including several Atlantic crossings, and is also a professional climber. Egmont M. Friedl 192 pp | 368 photos & diagrams | HC