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Fin Studio

Matisse Cutout Series Little Notebooks - 100% Handcrafted

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Matisse Cutout - Single Sewn Handmade Notebook, designed by Fin Studio! Inspirations from Matisse cutouts. About Fin Studio Notebooks; From printing the covers as the first, to cutting the edges as the last step, we craft all our notebooks individually. We sew them one by one, fold them and use a wooden book press. There are tons of failures, experiments, and moments of pure joy behind these notebooks! Features; - Available in one size, + A6 (travel size 10x14 cm) - 60 pages - Inner pages FSC certified 100gsm acid free paper & colour is ivory - Cover 270gsm G.F. Smith Paper - Single sewn - Comes with Biodegradable Cello Bag* Biodegradable Cello Bags; The bags are made from NATIVIA®. It is a new generation of bio-based biaxially oriented flexible packaging films. Thanks to the bio-based content and the lower consumption of energy, PLA delivers a lower carbon footprint and additional end of life options compared to most oil-based plastics. Thank you!