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Fineline Applicators

Masquepen & Supernib Set w/Refill

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The first precision applicators that use an air-tight non-clogging cap wire closure system to insure that the applicator and your preferred medium are always ready for immediate use. The Fineline Applicator comes with both an 18 gauge (.8mm) stainless steel dispensing tip & bottle and a 20 gauge (.5mm) stainless steel dispensing tip & bottle. Includes a 1.25 ounce Masking Fluid refill in a low-density polypropylene bottle with an 18/410 threaded neck.

It should be pointed out that one of the unique features of the Fineline Applicator is its ability to use and interchange with a wide variety of types and gauges of dispensing tips. Fineline Applicators can be easily customized for any liquid or application.