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Schiffer Publishing

Leaded Glass

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Glass is hard and brilliant, and can be cut and polished like a gem. When variously shaped and colored pieces are combined to create a design or image, the results can be stunning. Creating these glass works can use one of two different methods: lead and copper foil (the method made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany). This book demystifies both in detail by explaining the underlying principles of this specialized field, providing an overall view of the methods and techniques from an educational viewpoint, and building confidence for working directly with glass. Step-by-step instruction for six different leaded glass projects is included, covering the complete process. From the initial plan to the finished object, each step is broken into simple and easy to follow procedures. Once mastered, these steps are readily applicable for creating your own leaded glass pieces from your own designs! A collected gallery of inspirational leaded glass projects and a section of resources completes this valuable guide.