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Kaleidoscope Dye Kit - Neutral

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Color Combo: neutral.
Your head and your eyes will spin at the stunning results and the ease of Kaleidoscope Dyeing, WE GATHER’s low-commitment, low-impact dyeing method. This kit walks you through the basics of working with fiber reactive dyes all while creating a kaleidoscope of color on a cotton scarf. This method is fun, easy, and offers you the freedom to experiment without feeling intimidated. Perfect for adults and intrepid children, or for your next crafty party! This kit includes a 100% cotton scarf for dyeing, three colors of dye powder - Oyster, Arbor, and Clean Grey - (1/2 t. each), soda ash (1/4 c.), pipettes, one pair of biodegradable protective gloves, wooden stirring sticks, textile detergent, plastic zip-top bag, step-by-step instructions.