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Wonder Forest

Essential Detail Paint Brush Set

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Introducing our 100% synthetic premium DETAIL brush set. This set includes 4 professional quality, super fine tipped brushes that are perfect for tiny details and miniature paintings. Create Perfect Details! This set of essential detail watercolour brushes includes four styles, including a standard #6 round brush, a #1 rigger brush, a tiny #1 round brush, and a #2 filbert brush. The bristles are made with our exclusive combination of synthetic fur which is super soft, flexible, and will hold onto water just as well as real fur-based brushes. Features & Brushes Included -Bristles: 100% Synthetic and cruelty free! -This set includes a #1 Rigger brush, #1 round brush, #6 pointed round brush, and #2 Filbert brush.. -The wood handle is painted in a lovely Seafoam colour with a matte finish that allows for a smooth grip. --Brass ferrule in a gorgeous rose gold colour Each brush comes individually wrapped and protected in a reusable package of 4