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Avlea Folk Embroidery

Cross Stitch Kit Table Runner Ukrainian Crisscross

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I was surprised and delighted to discover this wonderful example of traditional Ukrainian embroidery printed on a simple plastic shopping bag a friend of mine from Kiev sent me! Its humble origin illustrates how deeply the art of embroidery permeates Ukrainian daily life. This pattern offers the traditional red and black colorway along with a blue and black variation for a fresh take on this beautiful design. This Library Edition pattern shows the full size of the original pattern which is designed to make a large, rectangule, suitable for either a rectangular table runner or cushion cover. It can be easily adapted to working smaller or larger embroideries by working less repeats of the design. Finished size: 11x15.5” (actual area of embroidery 9 x 13-1/2”) Stitch count: 130 x 203 Total stitches:12154