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Recipes for Amigurumi crochet patterns.

Whip up your favorite foods with a side of cuteness using Amigurumi - a crochet technique that focuses on making adorable stuffed animal creations. Whether you are a novice or expert crocheter, this Amigurumi pattern book is perfect for you.

Lauren Espy describes every step to creating yarn-versions of delicious foods, including all of the basic loops that will make up your sweet and savory little friends.

Craft your favorite foods:
Brunch with eggs benedict or avocado toast
Lunch on the go with a bento box or burrito
A traditional Italian spaghetti dinner, complete with meatballs, red wine, and cannoli
And many, many more!

This Amigurumi Crochet Book is perfect to learn a craft that you can share with others! Create gifts for baby showers, birthday parties, or even to decorate your own home with unending cuteness.

Author: Lauren Espy
Paperback: 216 pages

CATEGORIES: books, crochet, amigurumi