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Microcosm Publishing

Creative, Not Famous Activity Book: Interactive Idea Journal

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Paperback. Published by Microcosm! Creative, Not Famous Activity Book: An Interactive Idea Generator for Small Potatoes & Others Who Want to Get Their Ayuss in Gear This playful workbook is designed to help adults with years of creative experience explore unconsidered art forms, amp up your approach, and wrangle your personal triumphs into a sustained and fulfilling practice. Interactive exercises and assignments will inspire you to write, draw, sing, rhyme, craft, improvise, observe, engage, document and express yourself in every medium imaginable. Prepare to discover fun ways to increase your creative visibility, live by the Golden Rule, and expand your community. Ayun Halliday, inveterate multidisciplinary creatress and author of Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto, made this exuberant, hilarious, and fun guide for anyone ready to subvert creative business and branding advice and realize a deeper relationship with their own creativity.