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Schiffer Publishing

Caricatures in Motion

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Whether running, jumping, or walking, subtle twists or turns of the body can ultimately give a carving a sense of motion. That concept is proven here. Caricature Carvers of America members offer up a variety of carvings of figures in motion. All of them are humorous and several carvings share a similar “theme.” Among them are a cowboy on a “quick” trip to the outhouse and another who has been there, met up with a bee’s nest, and is making a fast getaway. Sports figures, superheroes, dancers, a fireman, and even a surfing chicken are among the delightful characters who move their way through this book. Phil Bishop provides step-by-step instructions for carving that “Green Apple Quick Step.” Suggestions are also provided for painting and finishing. Pages:96 349 photos & patterns Caricature Carvers of America.