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Beam Paints

Beam Paints - Paintstone Palettes

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Miinun Weeshkuhbeh Qwedjihgun-Blueberry Cake

This Palette is inspired by the colours of the blueberry cake my mother made. a real favourite, and when i started making paints I would bring this cake to the quarry workers who helped me gather rocks to trade for stone. colours:Blueberry Mountain, Lilac(lavender) Great Ocean, and Harvest Wheat.


Spectrum 11 Palette

This palette is a spectrum of some of our most popular colours. Choose to paint the rainbow, or mix any two together to create a wide range of hues. Set of 11 includes Strawberry, Magenta, Morning Peach, Fall Poplar Yellow, Spring Green, Robin’s Egg Blue, Great Ocean, Almost Night, Blueberry Mountain, Limestone White and Gold.