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Beam Paints

Beam Paints - Full Spectrum Birch

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47 of our core colours in birch palettes, grouped by colour families available as a set or individually. Clockwise from the top of each birch block  Reds-5/8” pan Strawberry Red-Wild Rose-Turtle Belly-Cherry Magenta-Beach Rose Oranges-1/2” pan Morning Peach-Pumpkin-Pumpkin Spice-Bread-Wild Salmon-Copper Yellows-5/8” pan Beach Sand-Cloudless Sulphur-Butter-Cream-Fall Poplar Greens5/8 pan Boreal-Spring Green-Pine-Milkweed-Salish Sea Blues-1/2”pan Glacial Rivers-Prussian Blue-Wintery Night-Robins Egg-Great Ocean-Almost Night Purples 5/8” pan Sky Blue-Blueberry Mountain-VIolet-Lilac-Ice Color Browns 5/8”pan Cub Brown-Mars Violet-Wet Grizzly-Harvest Wheat-Brown Clay Neutrals/Darks 5/8” pan Graphite-Slate-Mars Black-Paynes Grey-Grey Ultra Brights 5/8”pan Limestone White-Shell-Silver-Classic Gold-Dreamers Gold