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3 Tier Mystery Bag | Blind Bag | Kawaii Art | Stickers | Fun

Regular price $5.00 USD
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If you're a fan of mystery purchases these bags are the ones for you! With three different tiers of bags, you can choose whether you receive a few stickers, a nice mix of products, and an entire collection of fun new accessories. Each bag is compiled of products from my existing shop, discontinued pieces, as well as items never before seen!
Each bag is premade, so I'm not currently taking any special requests. I also can't prevent duplicates if you make multiple purchases.
✿$5 Bag✿
- 1 premium sticker
- Extra goodies! ✿$8 Bag✿
- 1 enamel pin
- Extra goodies! ✿$10 Bag✿
- 5 premium stickers
ABOUT ☺ Each design is created within the small world of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the intention of making someone smile. I hope these designs bring a smile to your face!